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Welcome to our Free Online-Image-Editor.

Our Free Online Image Editor lets you edit images ONLINE.
Resize or Crop your images. Make your images transparent

But above all...

Create here YOUR OWN signatures ONLINE NOW !








Exact-U-Sign captures your real Signature and creates an online Exacto Signature stamp in your own handwriting.

  No monthly fee

 Better than having a Digital Signature-
   Its "Exact"  -  "Its Yours"

  Save Time and Money

 No Printing or Scanning

Download Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro Reader utilizes the Microsoft® Office®-style Ribbon interface.
Tasks and tools are separated into tabs, grouped by functionality,
and represented graphically with easy-to-understand text labels,
providing an immediately familiar user interface that won’t leave you searching for help.

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) allows you to create an easily accessible group of shortcuts to the tools you use most frequently.
Retain constant onscreen access to the core functionality required in your workflows, while less-used features are still easily at hand.
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